Title: Know My Name

Author: Chanel Miller

Pages: 357

Genre: Memoir, Empowerment

My Personal Summary: A woman’s journey to finding empowerment and self-love after being the victim of a very public sexual assault case.

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*No spoilers are within this article

I’m sure majority of people have heard of the Brock Turner sexual assault case, but if not let me give you a quick overview. A woman who remained known as ‘Emily Doe’, was found unconscious behind a dumpster partially naked with Brock Turner on top of her. He ended up getting charged with three charges of felony sexual assault, and went to prison for a three month sentence.

“Little girls don’t stay little forever, Kyle Stephens said. They turn into strong women who return to destroy your word.”

This book was the coming out of Emily Doe as her true self; Chanel Miller. She took back her power and her name by no longer feeling shame and hiding from her truth. This book was vulnerable, honest, raw and emotional. Chanel took us through the details of the event, the initial feelings and reactions, the long-term repercussions and the emotional heaviness of the court case.

“My pain was never more valuable than his potential.”

Chanel takes her readers on a deep dive of emotional truth. She doesn’t protect us from the pain, humiliation, shame, guilt and belittling that sexual assault victims go through from not only others, but from themselves as well.

“You have to hold out to see how your life unfolds, because it is most likely beyond what you can imagine. It is not a question of if you will survive this, but what beautiful things will await you when you do.”

This memoir is important for not only sexual assault victims but trauma survivors alike. It shows the darkest depths that a soul can travel to when dealing with heavy traumas and the journey to stepping back into your power. She shows the pain, depression, isolation and loneliness that we as human beings go through. She documents the struggle and fight that it takes to move through those trying times, and transparently shares with readers that healing is a process, not an overnight event.

“We live in a time where it has become difficult to distinguish between the words of a President and that of a 19 year old assailant.”

Numerical Review: 8/10

This was an empowering book, it invoked emotion, pain and healing. This is a must read for anyone willing to dive deep into the emotion of trauma and anyone that is open-minded to pain and emotion. This was a quick summary and review of this book, because it is a necessity for you as the reader to experience the book completely for yourself.

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Hey guys, my name is Hillary. I'm 23 and from Canada. I have been an avid reader all my life and have decided to open that up to the world!

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