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Hey blogging community!

My name is Hillary, I live in Ontario Canada and ever since I was a child I have loved to read. Every night in my adolescents I’d go to bed with a stack of picture books and I wouldn’t sleep until I read every single one. Then came my teenage years when I’d stay up until four in the morning reading cheesy teenage love stories and daydreaming that the boy on the football team would come throw rocks at my window. Come present day, my favourite places to spend my time and/or money are bookstores and libraries!

Although my taste for what I read has evolved over the years, my love for reading has not. You can always find me with a book on the go and at least two more waiting to be started.

As I’ve gotten older my niche for reading has definitely settled into self-help books, what better way to spend your time than reading and growing as a person?

I’ve decided to start this blog for several reasons. Firstly, I find reading is a hobby that is taken for granted and it deserves to be shown the appreciation it deserves. Secondly, I’d love to connect with and help others connect to like-minded people. Lastly, with all the reading that I have done I believe I can help others to find the content that will best suit them on this journey we call life.

With all this being said, the majority of books that I will be reviewing will be self-help books, but I will also include spirituality and fiction books in there too!

So buckle up and stay tuned for book reviews and ratings, book recommendations, book lists and more!

Published by Hillary Beausoleil

Hey guys, my name is Hillary. I'm 23 and from Canada. I have been an avid reader all my life and have decided to open that up to the world!

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